Stories from Northeastern Thailand

Granpa Sorn

Story-teller Tongsin Tanakanya
Age 57
Recording time/date 25 October 2014
Recording place 66 Moo 5, Ban Ta Yiam Wang Thong Lang Sub-district, Selaphum District, Roiet Province
Language(s) used Isaan

This is a story about unity in a village called Ta Sorn.

A good old man lived in a village. He was a leader. Everyone respected him. There was a couple named Tasi and Yai Sa. They lived on a farm and had 60 cows. There was another couple named Noi and Dee. They farmed near Tasi and Yai Sa’s house.

One day, Tasi’s cows walked into Noi and Dee’s farm. Dee saw this and told Noi. Noi saw it, too and became very angry because the cows had walked on his farm. He said to Tasi, "I have farmed for more than two years. Why did your cows step on to my farm?" The conflict then began and the two couples could not find a solution.

So, Ta Sarn had to be the judge. He encouraged the two couples to solve the conflict. He said to them, “We are living together not as strangers. Please forgive each other.” When Tasi and Noi heard this, they felt good and appreciated Ta Sarn’s words. Ta Sarn asked them to bring a flower, a candle, and a joss stick to pray and forgive each other.

When Noi went back home, his wife Dee asked him, "How was it?" Noi answered, "We are good now. Ta Sorn told us to forgive each other. We should be united because we are living together.”

This story was told in the past. There needs to be only a flower, a candle, and a joss stick to build unity and forgiveness.