Stories from Siphandon in Southern Laos

Pakha (Irrawaddy dolphin) and Nok Sida (sida bird)

Story-teller Mr. K (anonymous)
Recording time/date Around 10 am, 9 September 2014
Recording place Hangkhon Village, Khong District, Champasak Province, Laos
Language(s) used Lao
Category Irrawaddy dolphin, Somphamit Waterfall

A husband and wife, whose names are Kha and Sida, and animals (chicken, duck, frog, kiat= small frog, nok ian and peacock) embarked on a journey on a bamboo raft to search for food. When they came near Somphamit Waterfall, the couple and animals discussed whether to go forward or go back. Most of the animals warned that it was too dangerous to keep going. However, the peacock, the biggest animal in the group, sang out “Go forward!”. The couple believed in the peocock’s words and died from a fall into Somphamit Waterfall. The husband (Kha) was reincarnated as a dolphin (pa-kha) and the wife (Sida) was reincarnated as a nok sida bird. We can still see that dolphins and nok sida birds catch fish together downstream of Somphamit Waterfall. Neither dolphins or nok sida birds come closer to Somphamit Waterfall, where they used to lose their lives.